Dec. 14, 2021

What a year

We are finishing 2021. with huge smiles on our faces. Yes, we are tired, but everything that has happened this year gave us more inspiration than anything so far.

The most important thing is that the feedback from the audience, townspeople, partners, and other organizations made it pretty clear for us that everything that we are doing, planning, striving for...makes sense and people are welcoming it with arms wide open.

The whole House collective sends love and gratitude to all the amazing people that helped us along the way. From institutions, organizations, media, neighbors, families, audience, friends and acquaintances, everybody that engraved their energy and thoughts into creating this House, this year.

We have bunch of plans for 2022., with the cinema reconstruction being the biggest plan. Our crowdfunding campaign is just about to start, fingers crossed!

Much love,

dunja, jerko & the house collective