Jul. 26, 2021


We are extremely happy that we managed to organize construction and most of all finances for this big step for our House.

The works started on June 24th and end July 24th. We are very happy t to continue the renovation of the house with much more safety as well for us as for our neighbors and Klanjec citizens.

After the Petrinja earthquake (Dec 2020), our house was damaged specifically in the roof part. That's why it was important to get on with the roof construction project as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we managed to get a donation of the used dance floor from the Komedija Theatre and we put it in the lobby - where the kids' dancing school is.

We can now continue to invest our energy, time, and what we have left of the money in the renovation of other rooms, starting with the big dining room and kitchen on the ground floor.

And as for the cinema hall...We're preparing something special - we hope you'll contribute!